Web Services

We Provide Ultimate Speed Web hosting , Domains purchases / Renewals, Designing, SEO, SMO. Etc.,


IT Services

We are providing Training on all upgraded Inforamtion Technology related Tools and Softwares with certification .


Design Services

We Provide 2d, 3D, Visual, Cad , Interior ,Exterior, Architecture , Work stations Designing with high quality output.


Academic Projects

We are Offering Live Projects to C.S.E. / I.T. / E.C.E. /E.E.E. / CIVIL & MECH. For B.Tech / M.Tech., / M.C.A /M.B.A


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Web Development

Our approach for web developement, enterprise application developement, webservices oriented based developement, desktop application developement.

  • Customize Solution
  • Outsourcing Solution

Customize Solution 


We have the required skills to help organizations in leveraging the competence and performance of companies with excellent expertise in, System Study, Process Optimization, Workflow Automation and Web Enabling applications.


We provide simple , sound and scalable solutions for effective day to day managing enterprise , by adopting contemporary tools and technologies to develop application like Purchase Management System, Accounting, Financial, and Marketing management system.


We have an exhaustive range of web based applications and solutions, that include designing and hosting of web sites, B2B, B2C applications, developing enterprise portals and re-engineering the existing e-commerce applications.


With the power of imagination and creativity we provide multimedia solutions like Corporate Presentations, Film Graphics, Animated Films for Media and Advertising.


Network Management Information Assurance System Integration Content Management Web Development Data Warehousing Data Migration Internet / Intranet.

Outsourcing Solution

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing, in an information technology context, is a contractual arrangement where an external organisation takes responsibility for performing all or any part of an organisation's information technology functions. Outsourcing may involve a partial or complete transfer of staff and/or resources such as hardware, software, etc. An important characteristic of outsourcing arrangements is that the client is able to exchange a set of internal resources with a service operating according to agreed service levels with agreed access to any necessary skills and resources.

Axcel Technologies  can offer

In an applications outsourcing arrangement, Axcel Technologies  would assume all (or selected) risks associated with the management, development, maintenance and support of an application portfolio and would perform these tasks to agreed levels of service. Additionally, Axcel Technologies  may undertake associated new applications development activities. An application portfolio may include packaged applications sourced from a third party.
Axcel Technologies  may be relied upon to meet selected service levels allowing the client organisation to concentrate upon its primary business mission.

In managing and mitigating risks, Axcel Technologies  automatically satisfies four key expectations:

  • An improved ability to resource ongoing and unanticipated application support requirements.
  • An improved ability to retain and buffer key technical resources.
  • An improvement in, or the maintenance of, existing systems integrity.
  • An improvement in the productivity of the applications delivery function Key PartnershipConcepts For a partnership between Axcel Technologies  and the client to generate achievable benefits, a number of factors are critical, namely:
  • Mutual trust is essential to the development of opportunities where not all the factors are known in advance and where reliance must be placed on goodwill and a joint commitment of both organisations. Mutual trust facilitates rapid issue settlement and a smooth ongoing relationship.
  • The client and Axcel Technologies  should share the same entrepreneurial and operational philosophy and be willing, as partners, to venture into new terrain to investigate new means of achieving business advantage. This is especially important if the client believes that outsourcing is the best way for technology to be exploited for improved service delivery to its clients.
  • Axcel Technologies  has no bias towards particular hardware components or service selection. The primary source of Axcel Technologies  reward is the provision of services and not hardware manufacture or sale.
  • Commitment to the success of the partnership is paramount: the client to its business drivers, Axcel Technologies  to the provision of appropriate technology, and both to the sharing of risk.

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