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    Syllabus for AutoCAD2006

    • Work with commands.
    • What can you do to display a list of all available toolbars?
    • What are three ways that you can start a command?
    • What other key can you use to end or repeat a command in addition to ENTER?
    • What should you to do cancel a command?
    • Change views.
    • What ZOOM option should you use to fit your entire drawing into a drawing area?
    • What is a fast way to redisplay the previous view?
    • What command smoothes the display of curves & removes stray pixels?
      • Drawing setup.
    • What is it important to start a drawing from a drawing template file?
    • What is the difference between choosing drawing Units & Setting the drawing Unit format?
    • What is the difference between the Model tab & Layout Tab?
    • What are several benefits to creating a drawing with layers?
      • Draw objects.
    • What is the result of setting the colour of an object to Bylayer?
    • What is the fastest way to change the current layer to a different one?
    • What would you to do access a complete list of the properties of an object?
    • What command is recommended for creating parallel lines and curves?
    • What type object is composed of series of connected segments?
      • Precision drawings.
    • How to you turn off the grid dots in your drawing area?
    • The term origin refers to what coordinate values?
    • Pressing SHIFT while you right-click displays what shortcut menu?
    • What button can you turn on to ensure that the line you are drawing exactly vertical?
    • What is the meant by direct distance entry?
      • Make modifications.
    • What is the difference between a crossing selection & window selection?
    • What is the fastest way to create several parallel lines?
    • What is the easiest way to create an arc that is tangent to two other objects?
    • When creating or modifying an object, what do you to do display the object snap menu?
    • What is an easiest way to find the distance between two points in a drawing area?
      • Add symbols & hatches.
    • What is a block?
    • What is a block library?
    • How can you use object snaps with blocks?
    • What are three ways to hatch an area in a drawing?
    • How do you fill an area with a solid colour?


      • Add text to a drawing.
    • What is fastest way to open the in-place Text Editor when you need to change existing text?
    • What are some advantages to creating additional text styles?
    • How do you decide whether to create text in paper space or in a model space?
    • What text height should you use in model space if the desired text height in paper space is 2.5 mm & the display scale of the layout view port is 1/50 (0.002)?
      • Add dimensions.
    • What is the behavior of associative leaders & associative dimensions?
    • Why should you lock layout view ports?
    • To ensure that dimensions are scaled according to the layout view port scale, what dimension variable should be set to 0?
    • What is the easiest way to modify the location of a dimension feature such as the dimension line or dimension text?
      • Create layouts & plots.
    • What types of objects are commonly found on a layout tab?
    • How do you specify the scale layout view port?
    • How do you turn of the display of layout view port borders?
    • How can you use a plot style table?
    • What is fastest way to save plot setting by name?
      • Command aliases.
      • Shortcut keys.
      • Coordinate entry.
      • System variable.
      • Object selection.


    • All shapes of triangles, rectangles, circles, ellipses, polygons, etc.
    • Making or creating blocks for columns and footings.
    • Numbering of beams and editing (putting) of columns on readymade plan.
    • Typical section through columns and footings.
    • Typical section through staircase.
    • Typical section through continuous beams.
    • Typical section through beam and slabs.
    • Filling schedule of beams and slabs.
    • Project – start to end.
    • Examination.


    At the End of the course the Students will have to appear for a written Examination after which the certificates will be issued

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